Hey there! It's me, Venus.  Ruth took us with her for Douggie's walk today -
Amaroq always gets to go, but since I was running around loose in the boys'
kennel I guess she figured I might as well go, too. 

Like I said, Amaroq always gets to go.  No  fair.  He's like Doug's special buddy or something, I don't know.  But today, I  got to go, too.  There were eagles on a nest.   And we learned how to pick wild raspberries, ooooh are they good!  The walk  was good, but after that...

They took us to the Lake.

I'd never been to that Lake before.  The  other Lake they take us too is rocky - this one had nice sand.  Alyssa swam out
deeper in the water and I wanted to follow her in the worst way so I just jumped  in!  The water was cool and I discovered that I LOVE swimming!!! and I'm really  really good at it, too!  I swam and swam out really far and really deep.  Alyssa grabbed onto my leash and I pulled her in to the  shallows.  Later on, we must have inspired little Amaroq 'cause he started swimming, too!  (shhh, don't say anything to him but he's not as good a swimmer as I am).

Ruth said she can't ever take me island camping now.....

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    July 2012